I am quite experienced in Aerokinetics. To save time I'll just call it aero. Aero comes naturally to some like it did for me. To others it takes a little more work. To know if it comes naturally to you, you need to make a chi bond. Chi bonds are invisible enery strings placed between two parts of your body. To make one, you simply have to envision a beam of energy connecting two parts of your body such as your hands. After some practice you will actually be able to feel the bond physically. Everyone's bond feels different so people will feel different sensations depending on the person. To know if aero comes naturally to you, you must feel a slight breeze between your palms.

No matter if it comes naturally to your or not you can still do aero, and you must read this next part. To do aero you must start slow by meditating every time before you try. Meditations usually last 15 to 20 minutes if you are just starting out. Your root and third eye chakra points must be open and active as well. To open them you must meditate. After your meditation you will need a lot of focus. First you have to feel the air and understand how it moves. Then you need to envision each and every atom of air doing what you wish. These particles of air are small and round. They are translucent with a white outline. Envision the air move from one place to another as you will it to. Envision it coming to you and flying past you. After a good bit of practice you may start to physically feel a breeze inside or outside your home or room. You will eventually be able to make it move in intricate ways as you practice. Once you get good enough, you can bend the air for long periods of time without having to meditate.

Side Effects

- increased air flow when angry or sad

- felling a breeze wherever you go

Applications and Powers

-Tornado- move the particles in a spiral until a mini tornado forms.

-Minefield- envision all the particles around you and close your eyes, you should be able to sense movement around you through disturbances in the particles even with you eyes closed. You can also sense invisible beings.

-Deactivation- Envision the particles as a burst heading towards an enemy and will it to temporarily deactivate one of their chakra points.

-Aero Shield- envision yourself in an armor of air particles that absorb oncoming attacks to your chakra points.

-Electro Air- when battling an electrokinesis user, whenever they shock it charges air paticles around the blow, use these charged particles to deliver an electric attack

I check this page daily so any questions will be answered.