Asterokinesis is the ability to absorb, manipulate, and use energy from space. To save time I will just call this ability Astro. In order to use astro you must learn how to absorb Solar, Lunar, and Cosmic energies. In order to perform such a feat, you must concentrate. Start out with a medidtation, it doesnt have to be fancy. If you are unsure how to meditate download the app Headspace and do the very first session. That will teach you and you can do all of your future meditations as insructed. After you meditate you must use your third eye to visualize energy coming from the sun in rays. When this energy gets to your skin, envision the energy seeping into your skin through every pore in your body and filling you with a filling energy of light. In order to absorb Lunar energy you must follow the same steps but envision the energy as a dark cloud filling you with dark energy. Finally you need to absorb Cosmic energy. Start by envisioning a beam of purple energy striking your heart with raw power. as the beam hits your heart, envision it filling you with a cool purple energy. Next you must envision the Lunar and Solar energies taking to different energy levels that exist at certain times. The solar energy will fill you at day and dissapate at sunset as the Lunar energy floods in and consumes you by night. The cosmic energy is to be reserved a special place as it is the most poweful energy of all. All other energies exist as a branch of Cosmic energy. This special place will be called an EMB. Tocreate an EMB you can use one of two tecniques.

1. Envision a sphere around your heart like a sheild. This sphere is empty at the moment. Envision the Cosmic energy floodin that sphere filling it tothe brim leaving no uncontained Cosmic energy left. From now on you can draw energy from thisw sphere just like you would any other chi point.

2. Follow the steps above but instead of creating the sphere around your heart, create it around a wearable object like a ring or necklace.

    As I am also just a beginner in this power i can not give anymore information. I will update this article weekly adding more knowledge as I learn. Thank you for your support.

In order to learn about the basics of Kinetics visit these websites. It will teach you about multiple techinques.




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