Fungikinesis is the mental ability to manipulate and generate mushrooms and spores. Users of the abilitiy could absorb energy from mushrooms, create mushrooms instantly and become immune their spores. One could even create their own spores to use on an opponent or even give a AI to a mushroom.

Possible usesEditEdit

Using this ability one could do several things:

Instantly mutate a mushroom

Instantly create a mushroom, could be combined with other abilities to create, for instance, a exploding ice mushroom.

Create a chordycep mushroom and spread it through a town or city.

Create a deadly mushroom to wipe out large areas.

Create your own spores for different uses.

Dangers of FungikinesisEditEdit

There are dangers to this ability, like with all abilities, some dangers include:


Accidental posioning to other people

Possible deadly mushroom outbreak

to name but a few.

How to learn Fungikinesis (theory techs)EditEdit

Step 1) get used to mushrooms, start learning about the different types and caps and their spores.

Step 2) Find a non poisonous mushroom (but not the type you buy in the super-market to eat.) and make a perfect home for it in a glas jar (Everything it needs to survive so it will need to be re-planted, or beter yet just bring the jar with you and use a shovel to pick up the bit of earth the mushrom is in so it is safe and happy.) 

Step 3) Build a connection with the mushroom, It can be an emotional connection or an energetic one, this will help familiarize you with the mushroom and begin to give you access to its inner code.

Step 4) Using the connection, start making the mushroom toxic, whilst you are doing this imagine a bit of the toxin leaving the mushroom through the energy link and being meshed with the energy then coming into you, it is important to make yourself immune to your unique toxin as you develop it into the msuhroom.

Step 5) When you think the mushroom is ready, try putting a insect inside the glass jar to test the new poison spores out, when the insect is inside you can use the energetic link to "activate" the mushroom to make it "puff out" (for want of a better phrase) the spores, if the insect dies immediately you have succeded!

Post-step step) Try doing this on random mushrooms you see, as you get better you will start being able to sense or see the toxins inside of a mushroom, you may also start seeing distinct aura around different types of mushrooms, this is important because in order to become intermediate with this ability you need to start memorizing the Genetic code of mushroom, don't worry this is quite easy if you are good at creating energy links in seconds, your subconscious will start doing it automatically.

[1]A MushroomAdded by Nitsualol24There is not yet any subliminals for fungikinesis, I am going to start making subliminals soon though and I try my best to make one!