is designed to help people discover and

bring into being innate but hidden potential that was not normally available

in this time period.

The techniques and information found here are imported from the

remote future by a group of Time Travelers called the "Collective". Each of

us has a time traveler from the future, called a "TTO", (Time Traveling

Oversoul), that is part of this group. What this means for you is an

unprecedented opportunity to increase your power and level of

consciousness to any degree you desire.

There are two major approaches you can use to reach this objective. The

first approach is through a very special series of techniques, which are

related to meditations, but much more powerful and advanced. Most

meditations taught today take you to specific areas within your

consciousness to experience various vibrations and lessons. The techniques

included in this course allow an incomprehensibly advanced and wonderful

part of you to become available to you as part of your natural evolutionary



l FIRST: The introductory period that can last many life times. During

this period, mutual trust builds between you and your TT. Although

you may not be fully aware of this on a conscious level, there is an

exertion of irresistible influence upon you and your decisions.

l SECOND: A period of conscious awareness and communication with

this part of you. During this period the Student actively strives to

cause progressive levels of Cosmic Consciousness through intense

study, meditation and group consciousness.

l THIRD: This period is the gradual metamorphic transition from Three-

Dimensional Human Consciousness to Multi-Dimensional


The Second approach provides you with an understanding of the

nature of your Consciousness that was not available in this time period. The

information comes from many thousands of years in the future. Detailed and

easy to understand packets of information called "Excerpts" provide you

with the most advanced knowledge and techniques available on the planet



(beginning level)

Open Eye Meditation is easy to learn, and by far, the most powerful

mediation of its kind. Below is a simple diagram showing the physical

points to concentrate on. The beauty of this meditation is that it occupies the

mind by requiring it to concentrate upon two things at the same time. This

allows the "Future You" or OverSoul to begin to manifest within your field

of consciousness. Usually, very powerful impressions are immediately


Select a quiet, comfortable place to sit down where you will not be

disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position and pick two objects to concentrate

upon. Pick an object to the left of you to look at with your left eye. Pick

another object to the right of you to look at with your right eye. (See

diagram) It is important to stay aware of both objects and keep them in your

peripheral vision. Concentrate upon the equal and continuing awareness of

them. To do otherwise is to drop out of mediation! Once these are fixed, you

can begin to be aware of the field of view in front of you, but not at the

expense of losing focus on either object.

This is a progressive mediation which means that you will experience

more, the more you do it. (Some of our Members have begun using OEM in

Europe at Rage dances to enhance their consciousness, in stead of drugs.)

See Diagram Below


'Note: Please BLINK your eyes normally during Meditation'

It is helpful to cultivate an attitude of quiet expectation. Be aware of a

heightening of senses. Quiet any fears that might arise.....nothing can hurt

you. Be prepared for feelings of overwhelming happiness, but be patient if it

does not come right away. You may become aware of sights and sounds that

you have never experienced before. Relax and enjoy them. They were there

before you became aware of them and they can not hurt you. In the

beginning only meditate between five minutes minimum and twenty

minutes maximum.

While you are meditating, it is important to stay in the meditative

state. If your focus strays from the fundamentals (see Diagram above) you

will not be in "Open Eye Meditation". If we try too hard or are too serious

this can be detrimental to experiencing the kinds of joy and Cosmic

understanding that is available. If we are afraid or holding on too tight we

will experience very little until we let go. Letting go and accepting is a

forever process. The faster we do it the more fantastic it becomes.

If we desire change then we must be willing to allow change. It is

helpful to remember that we are trading in the old self that is a faded

remnant trapped thousands of years ago in the past, by merging with a new

self that is more wonderful than we could ever have dreamed for. Write the first paragraph of your page here.