Telekinesis is the Psionic ability to Move matter with the mind. Telekinesis is tough to learn at first but as soon as you can move something, even a little bit, daily. It gets a lot easier to get better at.

Uses of TelekinesisEdit

Pushing -- moving something away from the psion, or to the left/right away from the psion.

Pulling -- moving something toward the psion, or left/right toward the psion.

Levitating -- moving something up, and then any direction once object is floating.

Blocking -- creating a kind of layer, like a shield using TK.

Vibrating -- vibrating on object, if powerful enough could turn an object to dust.

Breaking -- using TK to pull apart an object.

Pierce -- using TK to Pierce through one or several objects.

Multi-use -- using TK on multiple objects at once.

Force -- using TK to impact an object.

Crushing -- using TK to crush an object.

Bending -- using TK to bend a bendable object, otherwise, object will break.


There are several ways to defend oneself using TK, whether it being the obvious way of deflecting someones weapon, to throwing objects or impacting the person, to easier, harder to notice sneaky ones like grabbing someones heart or airways, snapping their spinal cord or impacting their brain. Telekinesis is deadly after a few months training and must be taken seriously, I repeat, USE TELEKINESIS RESPONSIBLY, use it to help and defend people, not to kill.

How to get startedEdit

To get started is easy, after dealing with any mental blocks of course.

Excercise 1 - PushingEdit

For this one, get a 1-inch by 1-inch piece of paper and fold it in half, then simply focus your energy and try to push the half that is sticking up, you should have folded it so that it can stand up, like a target. This excercise may take a few weeks to do, but after the first time it will get easier.