This article is just about all known energies used in Psionics and witchcraft, ranging from the common mainstream energy, into the more rarely used and fringed energies.

(Note, I am aware all energies are the same and cannot destroy or create energy, yes energy is all the same but in different forms, some of which are better for certain things then others.)

Psi ~ Mental energy, incredibly common energy that flows from the mind and the kundalini and the pineal gland.

Ki ~ Life force energy, this is another incredibly common energy used in psionics and some martial arts, also the energy used in reiki.

Ether/Aether ~ Sometimes described as holy energy or divine energy, this type of energy is simply a augmented version of positive energy.

Positive energy ~ This is the energy generated from "good" emotions and from doing good things, or at least thinking you did a good thing.

Negative energy ~ The opposite of positive energy, generated from "bad" emotions and from doing evil, spiteful or mean things, can also be generated from war, violence, murder, crime and fights done in a hostile manner.

Nether energy ~ Sometimes described as hellish or satanic energy, this is a augmented form of negative energy.

Cosmic energy ~ The energy held in the cosmos, directly linked to the source mind energy. This is a very powerful energy and is used in Astrokinesis.

Temporal (Time.) energy ~ The energy held in and generated by time, linked to cosmic energy and the source energy.

Mana energy ~ The energy used in magic, spells and rituals. Widely used in witchcraft.

Mystic energy ~ Often confused with mana, Mystic energy is a type of  "magical". This energy however differs from mana wherein manipulation of this energy leads to stronger results with other mental abilities.

Spirit ~ Often confused with a whole number of other energies. One's spirit/spirit energy is seperate to their life force energy, this energy is powerful but also dangerous to use if the user is not careful. Users of this energy are called Spiritokinetics and use of the energy is Spiritokinesis.

Dream generated energy (Dream energy.) ~ A very unknown form of energy generated through dreams, this is the energy used in dream training and this is why lucid dreaming is good for psionics.

Information/Knowledge energy ~ The energy only used in one ability (Mnemokinesis) but held in almost everything, when true knowledge is recorded energy is generated that is equal to the information (The knowledge is held in the energy.), this is how Mnemokinesis is used. (Credit to Gloxi for this information.)

Necro/Dead/Death energy ~ Necro energy is generated whena person, animal or plant dies and their energy is converted into Necro energy, this is the energy used by Necromancers (Most Necromancers anyway.)

I will add more energy as I find them.

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